Are you struggling through a challenging time right now, feeling that a part of your life has ended leaving a void?


 When a loved one passes away or we lose something irretrievably, the sense of loss is obvious and we don’t have to think about it, but there are other times in life when we can deal with loss without knowing that we are going through it. Instead, we can experience disappointment, sadness, regret, anger, grief, confusion, fear that life is not what we imagined. Maybe you entered a stage in life where you think it’s too late to do certain things? Maybe something has changed or has come to an end, often for reasons beyond your control and you do not know what to do.


  • You sense that some part of your life is irretrievably over,
  • You feel lonely, lost, confused,
  • You fear the future because you don’t know what it will look like,
  • You experience disappointment, sadness, regret – because this is not how life was supposed to be,
  • You don’t understand your emotions very well, 
  • You are looking for the meaning of life and the desire to build it anew,

You may be experiencing a loss. I am here and can support you.